A person’s life is continuously fragmented, copied and stored into both personal and shared memory, the shards of which are often misrepresented or lost. This idea – the fear of losing these shards – is what drives my practice. I am trying to create a visual vernacular to keep the pieces together. To write my story before it gets lost within time.

    I am constantly trying to investigate and question memory, language, and femininity. How do we create these monuments of memory and folklore and how do they get passed down over time? What happens when the monuments begin to chip, where do the missing pieces go?

    My work, although inspired by visual storytelling through symbolism found in tapestry and renaissance painting, belongs to the other side of the spectrum; it is fragile, expendable, and vulnerable. The tale is not that of bravery, glory, and myth but of an everyday story about heartbreak, realizations, and personal growth.

© Anna Lauren Oberfeld