K A R K A S H    M A S H T E L A

A Desert Plant Nursery and Tea House Project.

Rebrand project from a new logo, business cards, and menu’s for the cafe in both Hebrew and English. Part of my work as the Graphic Designer at Karkash. 

G A R D E N I N G    W O R K S H O P S

Design Project as Graphic Designer for Karkash - orgainzing, marketing, and desiging a series of gardening workshops.

K A R K A S H    M A S H T E L A    O N L I N E

Website Design using Wix 
Part of my rebranding project as Graphic Designer of Karkash - all design aspects and photography, as well as website layout.


R U B Y    A N N I V E R S A R Y    P R O J E C T

Freelance Design Project with Bespoke Art Source. 

I was selected through Bespoke Art Source to create a one of a kind artwork for a couples wedding anniversary. I created the design using a collage of mine they loved and incorporated imagery from their wedding and of rubies to signify their 40th Wedding Anniversary. 

F R A M E W O R K      P I C T U R E    F R A M E R S

Web Design Project using Squarespace

Created a new website in 2017 for Framework using my designs and photography to make a more functional website that also also would link up to their social media platforms.


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